NSBE Conference

A Vision for Education

Letter to the Wichita Eagle

How do you change the political education conversation in the state of Kansas from adult issues to what is best for the students and the future of Kansas?

The State Board of Education is leading a new conversation focused on a vision based on what more than 2,000 Kansans told us they wanted for the students of Kansas. The SBOE’s new vision “Kansas leads the world in the success of each student “places the focus of our conversation on the needs of our students. Across the state, parents, business leaders, educators and community members at more than 25 town hall meetings said that Kansas education needs to place equal value on helping students attain academic and nonacademic skills in order to be successful in the workforce. The citizens of Kansas stand together for high academic standards but also demand that schools be more purposeful and engaged in the development of civic responsibilities.

Vision Kick Off The State Board at its January meeting adopted a new definition of College and Career Ready (CCR). The Board changed CCR to a definition of a successful Kansas high school graduate. A successful Kansas high school graduate has the “academic preparation, cognitive preparation, technical skills, employability skills and civic engagement to be successful in postsecondary education, in the attainment of an industry level certification or in the workforce, without the need for remediation.”   Continue reading “A Vision for Education”